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Discover Women Collection

Unique yarns, expert workmanship, stylistic innovation. Il Borgo’s Spring-Summer collections evokes the magic of the summer shades that have been declined into new stitches, volume effects, exclusive textures and patterns.

Discover Men Collection

Il Borgo creates a new dimension of luxury that comes alive from the comfort of leisure wear, the exclusivity of hand-made patterns and the uniqueness of unusual combinations of materials. Cashmere, leather, metal, marine shades and geometrical contrasts; together shaping the new mood of our Spring-Summer collections.

Luxury Store

Our boutique is located in the heart of the Renaissance centre, in Via Tosinghi 46/R. It’s a secluded and refined location where customers can appreciate unique pieces. That’s our small universe, where you will find the highest care for materials, craft techniques and colours. You’ll experience an immersion in a world that everyone would desire...
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Dove siamo

Abbiamo una rete di negozi internazionale...

Flagship Store

Via Tosinghi 46/R, 50123 - Firenze

+39 055 2302176

Boutique - Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel, Borgo Pinti, 99 - 50121 Firenze

+39 055 26 26 586


Via Del Bagnone 10, Loc. La Torre 50032 - Borgo San Lorenzo

(+39) 055 845 9410


Via Santo Spirito, 20121, Milano

(+39) 055 845 9410


Via Del Bagnone 10, Loc. La Torre 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo

+39 055 845 9410
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