An history of "all Italian cashmere"
Fredducci, a family that has made cashmere craftsmanship a passion to experience and apparel that moves you

The company "Il Borgo" is the result of dedicated work by the same family since 1949.

A company that has successfully crossed a century, always in step with the times: dynamic and modern, but with strong roots in the past and within the Mugello territory, where there has always been a strong tradition of craftsmanship.

Creativity, research and experimenting mixed with ancient craft techniques are the basis of all the collections of "Il Borgo": cashmere garments and objects that are beautiful to wear and touch. Clothing that is not just classic, because Franco Fredducci along with his creative genius gives a trendy flare to this creations.

Embroideries, trimmings and refined finishes are handmade by expert artisans. Ultimately making unique and precious garments and objects made "Il Borgo" cashmere. For some time "Il Borgo" has been providing their craft skills and knowledge of working cashmere for major fashion houses, Italian and foreign. The mastery of this precious yarn has made "Il Borgo" very popular and unique in processing cashmere.

The awards for quality and excellence of "Il Borgo's" cashmere garments have never lacked. In fact "Il Borgo" has been participating in the "Maison d'Exception" event in Paris since 2011. This event recognized companies with "know how" craftsmanship worldwide. "Il Borgo" was the only knit wear company to be known as an innovative company offering manufacturing solutions an expertise for high fashion.

The company has been slowly but surely entering new generations and has remained an Italian artisan of cashmere and continues to maintain production in the territory of origin...Mugello