Is it cashmere or not?
Some suggestions to recognize this precious yarn

How can you avoid frauds when you are buying a cashmere garment? Here you can find some suggestions that Il Borgo Cashmere wants to share.

Quality product guidelines you can rely on are few:

  • tag;
  • pressing: after you have strongly pressed it, your garment has to get back immediately to its original shape and beauty;
  • number of layers that is the number of yarn twisted together. High-quality cashmere products are made out of a two twisted plys fiber composed by countless micro-fibers. Thus the product is more lasting and it has fewer possibilities to distort;
  • peeling: this flaw is almost null in items in pure high-quality cashmere. This is possible thanks to yarn fibers which are very long and they don’t tend to split.

Moreover, a garment in pure high-quality cashmere tends to be softer and fluffier to the touch even after frequent cleanings and as time passes.

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