Professional training courses
We want to train skilled artisans, artisans who transmit traditional know how

Training for this craft is divided into 4 areas of specialization, a total of 24 lessons within our company. They are:

1. Made by hand: which focuses on the development of prototypes using mainly "irons" crochet, tatting, needle work and knitting;

2. Sewing by hand: which focuses on teaching the finishing methods. How to apply trimmings such as fur, suede, leather and intricate hand made needle work on gloves;

3. Using the manual machine: this focuses on creating garments such as gloves, hats, scarves and sweater with unique finishes used with this manual machine, these finishes can not be reproduced by electronic industrial machines. Thus, a garment that is exclusive;

4. "Rammaglio": this is the most difficult and complex out of all the areas. This focuses on the assembling of knitwear components which are then finally finished and ready to wear.