Tuscany caput mundi
In the columns of La Repubblica the Tuscan excellence, in the field of fashion, is opened to the world: Il Borgo Cashmere is part of it

A new wind of passion for fashion is blowing, starting from Tuscany to go all over the world. One of the most prestigious newspapers in Italy, La Repubblica, has made a focus on the avant-gardes in the field of fashion Made in Tuscany and among them counldn't miss obviously Il Borgo, now considered the true kingdom of Cashmere.

Below the abstract that talks about us:

«[...] The excellence-company of production in cashmere and precious materials processed with mixed artisan techniques and informatic system, Il Borgo Cashmere by Franco Fredducci in Borgo San Lorenzo, has grown and, hiring, has reached 14% of employees under 30 years old. Meanwhile it has opened a showroom in Milan and continues the collaboration with another young Tuscan excellence, the leather goods Bianchi and Nardi: the two have planned an event in New York. In the same time the collaboration with the luxury hotels as the Four Seasons or the Savoy goes on, in particular in the last one Fredducci has installed a cashmere teddy bear one and a half meter high [...] ».

Written by Ilaria Ciuti

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