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Luxury Store

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You can find us

We are located in via Tosinghi 46R, nestled in the heart of the Renaissance town between Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Repubblica, two iconic places of faith and culture since Dante's Middle Age.
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The door opens on to a white marble and oak inlay creating a sequence of squares- Il Borgo's logo - which is a sign of the care for high quality materials and the harmony of shapes that distinguish the brand.

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Styles and items

Knitwear, soft accessories, outerwear and more, in order to offer an exclusive total look. In pure cashmere and many other blends such as cashmere-silk, linen and cotton, the thinnest wool, but also organic "ecofriendly" traceable cashmere are the "ingredients" for our vision of luxury, easiness and allure arising from a creative idea and from expert craftsmanship.
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Experience private sale

Such a product cannot be "consumed" hastily: you learn how to appreciate it supported by our store managers who, accordingly to the society's philosophy before getting into the retail management have to be schooled in our company so to understand how products are developed. A private sale is the best way to try on excellent pieces in the most absolute privacy and quiet.

Dove siamo

Abbiamo una rete di negozi internazionale...

Flagship Store

Via Tosinghi 46/R, 50123 - Firenze

+39 055 2302176


Via Del Bagnone 10, Loc. La Torre 50032 - Borgo San Lorenzo

(+39) 055 845 9410


Via Del Bagnone 10, Loc. La Torre 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo

+39 055 845 9410


Via Santo Spirito, 20121, Milano

(+39) 055 845 9410
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