The brand new and exclusive project of tailor-made suits, reserved for our most demanding customers which allows even a single piece of leisure wear to be customized down to the smallest details, is described in this article dedicated to the lifestyle of the prestigious portal

Technological changes allow companies to provide customers with bespoke customization services (made to order according to standard templates). The Tuscan knitwear factory Il Borgo, specializing in creating sophisticated knitwear for top luxury brands, is developing a unique offering for its own brand. 

The best-selling model of recent years – the cashmere suit, which replaced the suit during the pandemic period – can now be ordered individually, choosing from dozens of colors and finishes. The sizes range from 44 to 60, the catalog of materials includes 100% cashmere or ultrafine merino wool mixed with cashmere, significantly reducing the production time, which is reduced to five weeks. Which is very fast compared to the normal industrial cycle. In the ready-made collection de Il Borgo, in addition to the basic models of cashmere knitwear, indispensable in every wardrobe including cardigans, polo shirts, turtlenecks and sweaters, you can also find sophisticated creations with large jacquard patterns and leather weaves.

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