Monuments to cashmere

June 04, 2018

It began with grandmother Albertina in the immediate post-war period. She knitted, then involved some friends and later other women. At the end it sprang it up a company whose speciality was to make sweaters, socksand gloves made out in wool coming from Mugello, an area devoted to agriculture and pastoralism in the heart of Tuscany. Today Il Borgo is a family-run business, that has been producing the highest quality cashmere items and that ha now started a free-standing way for the enhancement of its own brand without overlooking Mugello, to which the Landi and Fredducci families owe a lot, but to which on the other side they give a lot.  Starting from the activity and the happiness of its employees, to whom the company is constantly BY side for every need. In short, a family-business led by a tight team, who, just for example,  every Tuesday and Friday morning, from 7.15 to 8.15, offers a yoga course to his employees.

"We have invested more in people than in machines. Our strength consists in vernacular techniques handed down from mother to daughter, who after 70 years can still excite", say Franco Fredducci and Serena Landi, CEO of the company, but above all husband and wife. The confirmation comes from their son Matteo, director of human resources: "Our family is a tight family and we believe that only thanks to personal relationships and to the collaboration of the whole team we can achieve great results". In fact Il Borgo team has been able to create a mix of traditional techniques, creativity and design. A strategy that has grown the business through partnerships with the major fashion houses to produce embroidery, trimmings and cashmere products. This innovative spirit is also one of the reasons why Il Borgo has taken part since 2011 at the Maison d'ExceptionS event in Paris. This event celebrates craft businesses that use sophisticated techniques to create unique products and provides a platform to connect them with fashion brands and designers.

Much of the credit belongs to the imagination and courage of Franco Fredducci, who together with his wife Serena and their three sons (Matteo, Elia and David), now leads Il Borgo.  A brand that not by chance, recalls the land of origin, evoking Borgo San Lorenzo. "Our collection combines the natural beauty of cashmere with the preciousness of the refined Italian craftsmanship based on a rich heritage of artisanal techniques - knitwear, crochet, lace and macramé, sewing and decorations - that are not replicable with the machines and that give to our products the beauty and uniqueness that can be seen and felt ", he says. The Fredducci focus on quality, but also on extraordinary, almost incredible initiatives, such as sculptures made out of cashmere or of other types of yarn: from the almost 5 meters high tulle tree that each Christmas fills the Four Seasons lobby in Florence, to the coral reef in cashmere, wood, beads and leather, up to Biagio, a life-size astronaut, which has been exposed in the Mugello circuit hall during the MotoGP, A race that attracts around 130 thousand visitors each year. "Every day through our creations we try to amaze and excite; only when the eyes light up we understand that we have reached our goal", says the son Elia, sales manager of Il Borgo.

"Our works", Franco continues with passion, "are the expression of what has always been our belief, or experiment, going, if necessary, even against common thinking and always returning to the final judgment of our customers: the unquestionable base on which it has always rested, rests and will awlways our work. If we had to sum it all up in one word it is emotion. It is from this feeling that our work has sprung for almost 70 years, even today it's the only way we know To distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market. Every year, with our research and development team, we realize more than a thousand prototypes, we test new yarns and explore new techniques ".


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