Silk finishing: the new processing with silk

Il Borgo has always collaborated with the best yarn suppliers from all over the world and has always opted for internal production, in order to monitor the quality and techniques from the beginning to the end of the production process.

Il Borgo is also a think tank project, where the goal is to go beyond the limit of luxury every time with new machines and techniques. We wanted to make our knitwear softer than ever, brighter, more colorful, purer, without compromising quality; tradition and innovation are merged to create the "Silk Finishing" treatment.

We have chosen a stone from Tuscany, our land, called Pietra Serena: well known for being the stone used in all Apple stores around the world. The reason we chose it is because of its high quantity and quality of mica, a mineral commonly used in cosmetics. We add small balls of Pietra Serena to the last washing phase of our sweaters to enhance their color and softness, purifying and strengthening them. That's why we have such colorful creations, soft but resistant at the same time.

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