Below conditions of sale applied to our e-Shop

1.1 The sale of the products (hereinafter the   “Products” ) featuring the “Il Borgo Cashmere” and “Il Borgo” trademarks (hereinafter the   “Trademarks” ) offered on our website (hereinafter the   “Website” ) or by means of a purchase proposal by phone or e-mail, is regulated under these general sales conditions (hereinafter the “ General Sales Conditions ”).

 1.2 Il Borgo Cashmere reserves the right to apply, to one or more orders (hereinafter the “ Order ”) specific contractual conditions, reported in the order summary before the sale is confirmed by the Customer and made final (hereinafter the “ Specific Provisions ”). In such case, the applicable contractual conditions applicable to the single Order shall be both the General Sales Conditions as well as the Specific Provisions. Should there be any discrepancies between the General Sales Conditions and the Specific Provisions, these latter shall be intended to prevail over the former for any of the aspects specifically referred therein.

1.3. The Products shall be sold directly by Il Borgo Cashmere S.r.l., a company duly organized under the laws of Italy, and with legal headquarters in Via del Bagnone 10, 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), Italy, and Taxpayer Identification Code, Florence Company Register Registration Number, and VAT Code No. 04899590485 (hereinafter   “Il Borgo Cashmere” ).

1.4 Il Borgo Cashmere may at any moment modify or amend the present General Sales Conditions. The modifications shall be effective as of the moment they are published onto the Website, without prejudice to any Orders already accepted by Il Borgo Cashmere, which shall continue to be regulated exclusively under the General Sales Conditions and Specific Provisions being valid at the closing of each Order.

2.1 The Products are offered to natural persons who act for purposes that do not fall within the scope of a business, industrial, or professional activity (hereinafter the   “Clients”   or   “Customers” ).

 2.2 In consideration of the above, Il Borgo Cashmere reserves the right to reject any orders originated by persons other than the Clients, and to provide, for each category of Products, a maximum number of purchasable items.

2.3. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Products may be delivered exclusively to the Countries included in the list found under Articles 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 of these General Sales Condition. The invoice and shipment address must be within the same country.

2.4 The Customer acknowledges and accepts that, for security reasons, the Products may not be delivered to a post box or to recipients and/or addresses that cannot be identified.

2.5 All the communications to the Customer will be sent by Il Borgo Cashmere to the e-mail address provided by the Customer during the final purchase phase. Any modifications to such address must be communicated without delay to Il Borgo Cashmere in writing.  

3.1 Each Product offered for sale is described and shown on the Website, featuring photos of the Products, their price per unit, including VAT, and the various colours and sizes, shapes and/or formats available (where applicable).

3.2 Some Products may be visualized on the Website exclusively for advertisement purposes. Such Products are not for sale and cannot be purchased.

3.3 Even though Il Borgo Cashmere adopts measures and precautions to ensure that the photographs shown on the Website are faithful reproductions of the Products, some variations may occur due to the technical characteristics and the colour resolution that the Clients uses to access the Website. Consequently, the images and the colours of the Products offered for sale may, in some cases, not match the real ones. The images and colours, thus, must be considered as indicative and as an example only. Il Borgo Cashmere shall thus not be responsible for any Product failing to match the images and colours shown on the Website for the above reasons.

3.4 In order to complete each Order for the Products selected, the Customer must carefully follow the instructions and procedures provided on the Website.

3.5 The Customer must verify all the details of each Order before confirming the Order, entering all the information required on the Website. Before completing each Order, the Customer shall be asked to confirm to have read and to accept the Order. Should the Customer office decline to accept the contents of the Order or the General Sales Conditions, the Order cannot be completed.

3.6 Before the final confirmation, the Order may be modified or corrected.

3.7 Upon completing the purchasing procedure, the Customer is advised to download, save, or print all the conditions relating to the Order, including the General Sales Conditions applicable at the time the Order is completed. The Customer shall also receive an e-mail (hereinafter “ E-mail ”) confirming that the Order was received, and a summary of the information already reported in the Order form (i.e., Customer data, delivery options and address, indication of the model, colour, and size/dimension of the Products selected, the price applicable and delivery fees).

3.8 Each Order confirmed by the Client is automatically forwarded to Il Borgo Cashmere and recorded with the company’s offices located in Via del Bagnone 10, 50032, Borgo San Lorenzo (FI).

 3.9. In the event that the Client, instead of purchasing the Products through the Website, requests a purchase proposal of one or more Products reaching out a Il Borgo Cashmere boutique by means of phone or e-mail, Il Borgo Cashmere will generate and send to the Customer by e-mail a URL through which the Customer will be able to confirm the Order and proceed with the payment, as indicated therein (so-called   “Pay by Link” ).  

4.1 The Prices of the Products indicated in the Website are expressed in EURO and include VAT.

4.2 The total amount of each Order shall also include any applicable delivery fees, calculated according to the specifications listed under Article 7 “Delivery fees”.

4.3 Il Borgo Cashmere reserves the right to modify the prices for the Products offered for sale at any time and without notice. Such modifications shall be valid starting on the moment they are published on the Website, without prejudice to any Orders already confirmed by the Client, for which the prices applicable at the time each Order was concluded shall continue to be valid.

4.4 The Products purchased through the Website may be paid exclusively via credit card.

4.5 The Products purchased made through Pay by Link may be paid as follows:

- by credit card.

- by one of the means indicated within the URL generated by Il Borgo Cashmere and sent to the Customer, in accordance with article 3.9 of these General Sales Conditions.  

4.6 The payment operations through credit card shall be governed by the rules and regulations adopted by each single credit card circuit, including with regard to any spending limits.  

4.7 The confirmation that each Order was successfully concluded shall take place only after the credit card data have been confirmed and the payment has been authorized by the Client’s credit card issuer. The applicable amount shall be charged on the Client’s credit card exclusively after verification of the availability of the Products and close to shipment’s date.

4.8 The credit card data shall be handled with utmost privacy, directly by the credit card circuit administrator. Il Borgo Cashmere is not responsible for any fraudulent and illegal credit card activity by any third party upon payment of the products purchased through the Website On such regard Il Borgo Cashmere reserves the right to cancel any transaction and cancel any Orders in case such activity should be reported to Il Borgo Cashmere. In order to ensure greater security, additional information or documents may be requested, without which Il Borgo Cashmere reserves the right to deny the transaction.

5.1 The Customer acknowledges that the supply of Products offered on the Website is limited.

5.2 On occasion, one or more Products may not be available. In such case, Il Borgo Cashmere shall inform the Customer via e-mail, within 20 days of the date of completion of the Order.

5.3 Should none of the Products ordered by the Customer be available, the Customer Care office shall send an e-mail to the Customer to inform them that the Order cannot be processed and that Il Borgo Cashmere shall annul the relative Order. In such case, no charge shall be made to the Customer’s credit card.

5.4 In case only one or more of the Products in the Order should be available, the Customer Service office shall send the Customer an e-mail detailing the article not being available. The Order shall be processed for the available Products, and the Customer shall be charged solely for the amount corresponding to said Products, unless the Customer should inform Il Borgo Cashmere, in writing, that they intend to annul the entire Order.  

6.1 Il Borgo Cashmere undertakes to process each confirmed Order within 24 working days, starting on the working day following the day in which the Client transmitted the Order. During seasonal sales and when the company is closed, the delivery times indicated above may be delayed.

6.2 As soon as the Products are dispatched, the Client is informed via e-mail.

6.3 The Customer Care Office is available to Customers to provide assistance as to the Order status and for any issues relating to shipment or delivery. The service, nonetheless, may suffer delays and/or interruptions during the periods in which the company is closed.

6.4 The Customers must check the Products immediately upon delivery, to confirm their compliance with the Order, ensure that none of the ordered Products are missing, and report any manifest defects in the Products.

6.5 If the Customer has signed the delivery slip without reservations, the Customer may not move any claims at a later time, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 9 relating to hidden defects.

7.1 The delivery fees are shown, together with all the other costs relative to the purchase, upon conclusion of the procedure to fill each Order, and before the final confirmation.  

7.2 Unless otherwise specified in the Order, all delivery fees are determined on a flat-rate basis, and shall be charged as indicated below:


Delivery Fee

Transit times

Italy, San Marino, Vatican city and Member countries of the European Union (EU)


3-5 working days from delivery to the courier

Europe (see below, Art. 7.3)


3-5 working days from delivery to the courier

Rest of the world (see below, Art. 7.4)

25,00 - Free for Orders equal to or greater than € 500.00

3-5 working days from delivery to the courier

7.3 Shipments in Europe are intended exclusively to the following destinations: Liechtenstein; Principality of Monaco; UK; Switzerland.

7.4 Shipments in the Rest of the world are intended exclusively to the following destinations: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Russian Federation, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Quatar, U.S.A.

8.1 The Customer has the right to withdraw, in whole or in part, each Order, without any penalties and without having to specify the reasons thereof, by and no later than 14 days from the day the Products are received. After such 14-day term, the Order may no longer be withdrawn.  

8.2 In case of exercise of such right to withdraw for a purchase performed through the Website, the Customer must return, within the above period, the Products to Il Borgo Cashmere, handing them to a courier together with the return form (hereinafter, “ Return Form ”) included in the Products package, duly filled out.  

8.3 In any case of exercise of the right to withdraw, the Products must be in their original state and packaging, with their tag still attached (where applicable).

8.4. With the exception of customers residing in one of the states indicated pursuant to art. 7.4, to return the Products the Client may use the courier indicated by Il Borgo Cashmere, and in this case all shipment costs shall be borne by Il Borgo Cashmere. All the information is contained in the Return Form, found inside the packaging of the Products. It is understood that the Client may use other couriers, and in this case all shipment costs shall be borne by the Customer. In the latter case all transport risks shall be borne by the Customer.  

8.5. For returning Products purchased by Customers residing in one of the States indicated pursuant to art. 7.4, all shipment costs shall be borne by the Customer. In the latter case, the Customer is free to contact the courier of his choice, assuming all the transport risks.

8.6. If the right of withdrawal is not exercised as above indicated, Il Borgo Cashmere shall not accept the returned Products, and send the Products back to the Customer at their expense.

8.7. Should the right of withdrawal be validly exercised, Il Borgo Cashmere shall re-credit the amounts charged for the Products being returned – net of any shipment costs – as quickly as possible, and in any case within 14 days of the date of receipt of the Products.

8.8. The above amounts shall be considered reimbursed within the prescribed term when they are re-credited with value date not preceding the expiry of said 14-day term. Il Borgo Cashmere may not, in any case, be deemed liable for any delays in the actual re-credit which may be attributable to the Banking Institution and/or the provider of the credit card used to purchase the Products.  

9.1. Products are under legal guarantee of conformity according to articles 128 and following of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”).This guarantee is reserved for Customers. Therefore, Il Borgo Cashmere is liable to Customers for any lack of conformity of the Products existing at the moment of delivery of Products and which arises within 2 (two) years from such delivery. In this case, the Customer has a right to have the Products restored to their original specifications, at no cost, through repair or replacement, or to an appropriate reduction to the price of the Product, or to termination of the purchase agreement, pursuant to article 130 of the Consumer Code.

9.2. Customers are no longer entitled to the above rights if they fail to report the lack of conformity to Il Borgo Cashmere within the term of two months from the date of detection. Any action to enforce any rights relating to a lack of conformity not fraudulently concealed by Il Borgo Cashmere expires, in any case, at the end of twenty-six months from the day of delivery of the item.

9.3. The necessary costs to ensure that Products are brought into conformity, including shipping costs, shallbe borne entirely by Il Borgo Cashmere.

9.4. For the purpose of returning any defective Products, the Customer must inform, via telephone or e-mail ( ), the Customer Care office, which shall activate a practice.

9.5. The Customer must return the defective Products to Il Borgo Cashmere, handing them to the courier to be shipped. The Client shall also hand to the courier the Return Form included in the Products packaging, duly filled out.

9.6. The Products, to the extent possible, must be returned in their original state and packaging, with their tag still attached.

9.7. To return the defective Products, the Customers may use the courier indicated by Il Borgo Cashmere. All the information regarding this process is contained in the Return Form included in the Products’ packaging. It is understood that the Client may use other couriers, and in this case all shipment costs shall be borne by the Customer. In the latter case all transport risks shall be borne by the Customer.

10.1 Pursuant to and by the effects of Article 59 c), of Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6, 2005 (“Consumers Code”), the right of withdrawal, cancellation, or return is excluded in case of Orders relative to tailored or clearly custom-made Products.

10.2 As an exception to the provisions of Article 4.6 above, the payment for the customized Products must be completed before shipment.

10.3 As an exception to Article 6.1 above, the customized Products “Made To Order” shall be delivered within the terms indicated in the Order.

11.1 The Orders and these General Sales Conditions are regulated under the laws of Italy and shall be interpreted based on such laws.

11.2 Any disputes relating to the Orders and/or these General Sales Conditions must be submitted before the Court of Florence (Italy).

12.1 For any additional information, assistance, or query, the Customers are invited to send an email to the following address: , or to contact the Customer Care office of Il Borgo Cashmere S.r.l., Via del Bagnone 10, 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) Italy – Phone: +39 055-8459410.

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